Sidonius Apollinaris for the Twenty-First Century

The SAxxi project, 'Sidonius Apollinaris for the Twenty-First Century', aims to produce a state-of-the-art comprehensive commentary on Sidonius’ poetry and prose. It is directed by Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh) and Joop van Waarden (Amsterdam). Workshop Wassenaar and New Approaches Activities started at the workshop 'Sidonius Apollinaris for the 21st Century', held on 26-30 January 2011 in Wassenaar (NL), which was hosted and funded by the Dutch Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) and supported by the Dutch Centre for Patristic Research (CPO; Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny and Prof. Paul van Geest). Click here for its programme and a report of its proceedings by Silvia Condorelli (BSL 41 (2011) 309-14). An edited volume, New Approaches to Sidonius Apollinaris, deriving from the papers presented there, appeared in July 2013 with Peeters Publishers Leuven, in the LAHR series no 7. Prolegomena and commentaries With Edinburgh and Amsterdam as its academic hometowns, SAxxi has now begun to prepare a volume of Prolegomena to Sidonius Apollinaris (forthcoming 2016) and the first five volumes of commentary. In the present situation, the primary need is to have ‘the whole Sidonius’. Attention will go out first to those poems and letters which have not yet been covered by publications. This phase, which will last for three years, is funded by the Leverhulme Foundation (a Leverhulme International Network grant, LIN; see the Leverhulme 2014 annual review) and the British Academy (a Small Research Grant). The LIN unites the scholars who are working on the commentary. Its Network Facilitator is Dr Paul Barnaby (mail). Its advisory committee consists of Jan Willem Drijvers (Groningen), Hagit Amirav (Amsterdam), Roy Gibson (Manchester), and Roger Rees (St Andrews). Conference Edinburgh An international conference in Edinburgh (20-23 November 2014), hosted by the School of History, Classics and Archaeology of the University of Edinburgh, entitled ‘Sidonius, His Words, and His World’, has brought together all those involved in the project and launched the various activities. More information here. Full programme also here. Publication in the SAxxi series In 2016, the second volume of Joop van Waarden’s commentary on Book 7 of the correspondence was published, covering the ascetic letters 12-18. 19 February 2017

Publication of commentaries underway

Supported by a three-year Leverhulme International Network grant, publication is underway of Prolegomena to Sidonius Apollinaris and of the first volumes of the comprehensive Sidonius commentary: - Panegyric on Majorian (Carmina 3-5) by Tiziana Brolli (Padua) - Panegyric on Avitus (Carmina 6-7) by Luciana Furbetta (Rome) - Epistulae book 2 by Judith Hindermann (Basel) - Epistulae book 9 by Silvia Condorelli (Naples). The project also comprises a fresh assessment of the manuscript tradition by Franz Dolveck (Paris/Rome). Future publications in the series will include: - Carmina minora by Stefania Santelia (Bari) - Epistulae book 3 by Filomena Giannotti (Siena) - Epistulae book 8 by Marco Onorato (Messina). Other relevant initiatives include two PhD projects: - Epistulae book 5 by Giulia Marolla (San Marino, supervisor Gavin Kelly) - Epistulae book 6 and the letter of recommendation by Willum Westenholz (Vienna, supervisor Danuta Shanzer). 15 February 2018 Poetry G. Ravenna, Le nozze di Polemio e Araneola (Sidonio Apollinare, Carmina XIV-XV): introduzione, testo, traduzione e commento, Bologna 1990. N. Delhey, Apollinaris Sidonius, Carmen 22 Burgus Pontii Leontii: Einleitung, Text und Kommentar, Berlin-New York 1993. S. Santelia, Sidonio Apollinare, Carme 24 Propempticon ad libellum: introduzione, traduzione e commento, Bari 2002. S. Santelia, Sidonio Apollinare. Carme 16 Eucharisticon ad Faustum episcopum: introduzione, traduzione e commento, Bari 2012. S. Filosini, Sidonio Apollinare. Epitalamio per Ruricio ed Iberia. Edizione, traduzione e commento, Studi e testi tardoantichi 12, Turnhout: Brepols 2014. [see catalogue; the text of the original PhD thesis, University Roma Tre 2008, is available on-line here] Doctoral theses, not (yet) published L. Watson, Sidonius Apollinaris' Carmina 1 and 2: A Commentary, PhD thesis, University of London, 1997. F. Montone, Sidonio Apollinare. Carmi 1 e 2. Praefatio e Panegirico per Antemio. Introduzione, traduzione, commento ed appendici, PhD thesis, University of Naples, 2011-2012. download T. Brolli, Sidonio Apollinare. Il panegirico di Maggioriano. Traduzione e commento, PhD thesis, University of Turin, 2005. L. Furbetta, Sidonio Apollinare e l’imperatore Eparchio Avito. Testo, traduzione e commento dei carmi 6, 7 e 8, PhD thesis, University 'La Sapienza', Rome 2010. MA thesis, published on this website and unpublished, respectively F. Nudda, ‘Sidonio Apollinare, prefazioni e postfazioni ai panegirici’, laurea magistrale thesis, University of Sassari, 2014 [read on this website; email] I. Tanner-Egg, Araneola micat. Die Braut Araneola in Sidonius Apollinaris’ carm. 15 vor dem Hintergrund der Weberin Arachne (Ov. Met. 6.1-145), University of Basel, 2013. Contains a German translation. [abstract; email] Prose H. Köhler, C. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius Briefe Buch I: Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar, Heidelberg 1995. (Indexes in J.A. van Waarden and G. Kelly (eds), New Approaches to Sidonius Apollinaris, Leuven 2013, pp. 305-51) D. Amherdt, Sidoine Apollinaire, Le quatrième livre de la correspondance: introduction et commentaire, Bern 2001. J.A. van Waarden, Writing to Survive. A Commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris, Letters Book 7. Volume 1: The Episcopal Letters 1-11, Leuven 2010 [reviewed in JRS 102 (2012) 415-16]. -----, Writing to Survive. A Commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris, Letters Book 7. Volume 2: The Ascetic Letters 12-18, Leuven 2016. F. Giannotti, Sperare meliora: Il terzo libro delle Epistulae di Sidonio Apollinare, introduzione, traduzione e commento, Studi e testi di storia antica 22, Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 2016. Doctoral thesis, not published Ilenia Giulietti, ‘Sidonio Apollinare, difensore della Romanitas. Epistulae 5, 1-13: saggio di commento’, PhD thesis, University of Macerata 2014. [download] MA thesis, published Bente Lucht, Gastfreundschaft und Landleben bei Sidonius Apollinaris am Beispiel von epist. 2,9 (an Donidius). Text, Übersetzung, Kommentar und Interpretation, Polyptoton 2, Berlin 2011. MA theses, not published A series of tesi di laurea at the University of Siena, each treating a book of correspondence [inedit., those with * are available for consultation]; supervisor Prof. Alessandro Fo: Book 1: Alessandra Monni, 1994. Book 2: Donatella Pellegrino, 1999. *Book 3: Filomena Giannotti, 1999. Book 4: Cecilia Guerranti, 1995. *Book 5: Loredana Becchi, 2003. Book 6: Anna Saracino, 2001. *Book 7: Rita De Marchi, 2001. Book 8: Silia Silvestri, 1999. *Book 9: Cecilia Bernardini, 2003.
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Existing commentaries on Sidonius

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