New Approaches

New Approaches to Sidonius Apollinaris

with Indices on Helga Köhler, C. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius: Briefe Buch I

edited by Johannes A. van Waarden and Gavin Kelly. LAHR 7, Leuven: Peeters,


Reviews: BSL 43 (2013) 733-35 (by Alessia Cosenza), BMCR 2014.05.42 (by Paolo

Mastandrea), H-Soz-u-Kult (Clio-online) 28.07.2014 (by Hendrik Hess), CR 65 (2015) 163-

65 (by Michael Hanaghan), AC 85 (2016) 336-38 (by Marie Roux), and Вестник древней

истории / Journal of Ancient History 79 (2018) 420-28 (by Eduard Manukyan).

A landmark in the SAxxi project, this integrated and international collection of essays explores the potential for a complete commentary on Sidonius' works, starting with a retrospective on Sidonius scholarship up to the present, and then focusing in turn on his verse and his prose. The strangeness of his poetry triggers a critical contemporary assessment and a proposal for better understanding through the theory of Cultural Memory; there follow case studies of the panegyrics and of poems within the letters, and examinations of his intertextuality with Horace and Claudian. Research into Sidonius’ prose is represented by two contrasting essays on the composition of the letter collection, by a demonstration of how Sidonius constructs history to create contemporary identity, and by a groundbreaking chapter applying text linguistics to the letters. An appendix fills a significant scholarly lacuna with Helga Köhler’s indices to her commentary on Letters, Book 1 (Heidelberg, 1995). This book will be important for both literary and historical scholars of the late Roman world, for both Classicists and Medievalists. Acknowledgements vii Information on Authors ix Note on Abbreviations and References xiii INTRODUCTION 1. Joop van Waarden, Sidonius in the 21st Century  abstract 3 PART 1: CULTURAL DIVERSITY IN RESEARCH 2. David Amherdt, Sidonius in Francophone Countries  abstract 23 3. Helga Köhler, Sidonius in German-Speaking Countries  abstract 37 4. Stefania Santelia, Sidonius in Italy  abstract 47 PART 2: THE CARMINA: POETICS AND INTERTEXTUALITY 5. Piet Gerbrandy, The Failure of Sidonius’ Poetry  abstract 63 6. David Rijser, The Poetics of Inclusion in Servius and Sidonius  abstract 77 7. Tiziana Brolli, Writing Commentary on Sidonius’ Panegyrics  abstract 93 8. Silvia Condorelli, Improvisation and Poetical Programme in Sidonius, Ep. 9.13  abstr 111 9. Annick Stoehr-Monjou, Sidonius and Horace: The Art of Memory  abstract 133 10. Gavin Kelly, Sidonius and Claudian  abstract 171 PART 3: THE EPISTULAE: THE COLLECTION, ITS AIMS, AND ITS LANGUAGE 11. Roy Gibson, Reading the Letters of Sidonius by the Book  abstract 195 12. Ralph Mathisen, Dating the Letters of Sidonius  abstract 221 13. Sigrid Mratschek, Creating Identity from the Past: The Construction of History in the Letters of Sidonius  abstract 249 14. Rodie Risselada, Applying Text Linguistics to the Letters of Sidonius  abstract 273 APPENDIX   Helga Köhler, Indices on C. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius, Briefe Buch I (Heidelberg, 1995), including addenda et corrigenda  specimen 305 Bibliography  view 353 Index nominum (ancient) 379 Index nominum (modern) 384 Index rerum 386 Index locorum 388
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