Curriculum and publications

Curriculum and publications

Joop van Waarden Research Associate in Latin University of Amsterdam Contact: Date of birth: 9 November 1946. Nationality: Dutch.

Employment and education

2018- Research Associate in Latin at the Radboud University Nijmegen October 2014-October 2017: Co-organiser, with Dr Gavin Kelly, of the Leverhulme-funded International Network ‘Sidonius Apollinaris: A Comprehensive Commentary for the 21st Century’. January 2011: Initiative and organisation of an international exploratory workshop, ‘Sidonius Apollinaris for the 21st Century’, funded by the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS). 2009- Research Associate in Latin at the University of Amsterdam. 2009- Research Fellow of the Dutch Centre for Patristic Research (CPO). 2009 PhD in Classics at the University of Amsterdam with a commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris’ Letters 7.1-11, cum laude [access here]. 1969-2007 Teacher of Classics, lastly Headmaster in Secondary Education. 1969 MA in Latin, Greek and Patristics at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, cum laude.


Writing to Survive. A Commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris, Letters Book 7. Volume 2: The Ascetic Letters 12-18, LAHR 14, Leuven: Peeters, 2016. New Approaches to Sidonius Apollinaris, J.A. van Waarden and G. Kelly (eds), LAHR 7, Leuven: Peeters 2013 [includes authored chapter ‘Sidonius in the 21st Century’, pp. 3-19; read here]. Originating in the proceedings of the Exploratory Workshop ‘Sidonius Apollinaris for the 21st Century’, Wassenaar 26-30 January 2011. Reviewed by Alessia Cosenza in BSL 43 (2013) 733-35, Paolo Mastandrea in BMCR 2014.05.42, Hendrik Hess in H-Soz-u-Kult  (Clio-online) 28.07.2014, and Michael Hanaghan in CR 65 (2015) 163-65. Emperors and Historiography. Collected Essays on the Literature of the Roman Empire by Daniël den Hengst, D. Burgersdijk and J.A. van Waarden (eds), Leiden: Brill 2010. Reviewed by Patrick Paul Hogan in BMCR 2011.05.28 and David Hunt in Histos 5 (2011) 332-37. Writing to Survive. A Commentary on Sidonius Apollinaris, Letters Book 7. Volume 1: The Episcopal Letters 1-11, LAHR 2, Leuven: Peeters 2010. Reviewed by Robin Whelan in JRS 102 (2012) 415-16.

Articles and Book Chapters

‘Signalementen: Plinius de Jongere’, Lampas 47 (2014) 412-16. Read here. ‘Priscillian of Avila’s Liber ad Damasum and the Inability to Handle a Conflict’, in Albert C. Geljon and Riemer Roukema (eds), Violence in Ancient Christianity: Victims and Perpetrators, Vigiliae Christianae Supplements 125, Leiden: Brill 2014: 132-50. Read here. ‘Sidonio Apollinare, poeta e vescovo’, Vetera Christianorum 48 (2011) 99-113. Read here. 'Episcopal Self-Presentation: Sidonius Apollinaris and the Episcopal Election in Bourges AD 470', in Johan Leemans et al. (eds), Episcopal Elections in Late Antiquity, Berlin, 2011: 555-61. Read here.

Encyclopedic articles

Apollinaris of Valence, in Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (forthcoming). Auspicius of Toul, BEEC (forthcoming). Eucherius of Lyon, BEEC (forthcoming). Gaul, BEEC (forthcoming). Honoratus Antoninus, BEEC (forthcoming). Marcian (emperor), BEEC (forthcoming). Merobaudes, BEEC (forthcoming). Paulinus of Pella, BEEC (forthcoming). Sidonius Apollinaris in Patropedia (2010). Sidonius Apollinaris in The Literary Encyclopedia (2009).


‘Impulsbeitrag‘ for the project ‘Gallien zwischen imperium und regna. Die Darstellung von Kontingenz und ihrer Bewältigung’ (Bonn, Historisches Institut, 21-22 February 2017). ‘Late Latin Poetry in Dutch-Speaking Countries after WWII’ (Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall, 16 September 2016). See or download here. ‘Elogio dell’ambivalenza: le lettere ascetiche di Sidonio Apollinare tra abbandono e abbraccio del mondo’, paper in honour of Prof. Salvatore Pricoco (Catania, 13 April 2015). Read and download on


Nicholas Richardson, Prudentius’ Hymns for Hours and Seasons: Liber Cathemerinon, Routledge Later Latin Poetry, Abingdon/New York: Routledge, 2016. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 72 (2018) 111-13. Marco Onorato, Il castone e la gemma: sulla tecnica poetica di Sidonio Apollinare, Studi latini, n.s., 89, Naples: Paolo Loffredo iniziative editoriali, 2016. Published in BMCR 2017.10.50. Thomas Kuhn-Treichel, Die „Alethia“ des Claudius Marius Victorius: Bibeldichtung zwischen Epos und Lehrgedicht, Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte 123, Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2016. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 71 (2017) 578-80. Salvatore Pricoco (a cura di), Eucherio, Elogio dell’eremo. Introduzione, testo, traduzione e commento, Biblioteca Patristica 51, Bologna: Edizioni Dehoniane, 2014. Published in Adamantius 22 (2016) 658. Céline Urlacher-Becht, Ennode de Pavie, chantre officiel de l’Église de Milan (Collection des Études Augustiniennes. Série Antiquité 198), Turnhout, 2014. Published in the Journal of Ecclesiastical History 67 (2016) 868-70 (online). Helga Köhler, C. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius, Die Briefe, Stuttgart, 2014. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 70 (2016) 335-36. Rémy Poignault and Annick Stoehr-Monjou (eds), Présence de Sidoine Apollinaire, Clermont-Ferrand, 2014. Published in CR 66 (2016) 151-53 (online). Raphael Schwitter, Umbrosa lux. Obscuritas in der lateinischen Epistolographie der Spätantike, Stuttgart, 2015. Published in Anzeiger für die Altertumswissenschaft 68 (2015) 89-95. Jesús Hernández Lobato, Vel Apolline muto. Estética y poética de la Antigüedad Tardía, Peter Lang: Bern, 2012. Published in BMCR 2013.02.20. Daniel Deerberg, Der Sturz des Judas. Kommentar (5,1-163) und Studien zur poetischen Erbauung bei Sedulius  (Orbis antiquus 43), Münster: Aschendorff Verlag, 2011. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 66 (2012) 445-49. Lisa K. Bailey, Christianity's Quiet Success. The Eusebius Gallicanus Sermon collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul, Notre Dame, IN, 2010. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 66 (2012) 106-108. Silvia Condorelli, Il poeta doctus nel V secolo D.C. Aspetti della poetica di Sidonio Apollinare, Naples 2008. Published in Mnemosyne 65 (2012) 156-58. Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer and Petra Schierl (eds), Lateinische Poesie der Spätantike, Basel 2009. Published in Classical Review 61 (2011) 159-62. Ennode de Pavie, Lettres tome I, livres I et II, texte établi, traduit et commenté par Stéphane Gioanni, Paris, 2006. Published in Vigiliae Christianae 61 (2007) 235-38. Stefania Santelia, Per amare Eucheria: Anth.Lat. 386 SB, Bari, 2005. Published in Eikasmós 18 (2007) 536-38. Milène Wegmann, Naturwahrnehmung im Mittelalter im Spiegel der lateinischen Historiographie des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts, Bern, 2005. Published in Mediaevistik 20 (2007) 395-97.

Network and websites

Since 2003, maintaining a network of Sidonius scholars worldwide. Dedicated site ‘Sidonius Apollinaris’, URL Conference website ‘Sidonius Apollinaris for the 21st Century’ (access restricted).
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